Accounting Management

Accounting services

Outsourcing in the management department, fiscal and human resources for the cost reduction of the small and medium size enterprises with training and specialization of the professionals working in the client company.

- General Accounting

- Audit and accounting expertise

-  Accounting management  for decision taking

- Constant monitoring and quality benchmarking of the sent/received document quality, with analytical demonstratives of the pendencies, critics and suggestion for solutions

- Standard services for the standardization and rationalization of procedure for the accounting documents

-  Standard services for the standardization and rationalization of the internal controls acquired by our clientes

- Human Resources management

- Coordination and operation of the personal department, the revision and process of payment execution; terminations, staff admissions, attendance and social security obligation and labor.

- Management  and labor routine analysis with the periodicity defined by the clients

- Orientation to the clientes about the obligatory benefits and facultative benefits and its fiscal impacts and labor.